PremGuard Secure Wireless Connectivity

When expanding to new locations, renovating, or operating from a temporary facility, you often need network connectivity quickly and don’t have time for a lengthy and expensive carrier circuit provisioning cycle.

Fast, cost-effective Connectivity

Using PremGuard Secure Wireless, you can deploy secure, reliable Internet and managed VPN connectivity nearly anywhere in the country within days – not weeks or months.

No additional router necessary. Just connect your LAN for access to your business-critical applications – email, database and Internet!

PremGuard Secure Wireless uses 3G/4G wireless data links that are typically independent from local land-based telecommunications infrastructure. As a backup link, 3G/4G offers proven resiliency when regional disruptions occur and it is convenient and cost-effective to deploy.

With PremGuard Secure Wireless, your remote locations and branches will automatically failover to the 3G/4G link and VPN if your primary circuit or primary router fails—guaranteeing that your business won’t miss a beat.

PremGuard Wireless features:

  • Fully managed turnkey package – product, connectivity, installation, monitoring, trouble resolution
  • Secure, high speed Internet connectivity anytime, anywhere
  • Unlimited 3G/4G data service through major carriers
  • Fully managed VPN
  • Automatic and manual failover options when used as a backup link
  • Quick provisioning cycle and plug-and-play installation
  • Strong security including a managed firewall and intrusion detection/ prevention
  • Proactive PremGuard device management, maintenance, and replacement
  • Real-time customer monitoring portal
  • 24x7x365 monitoring by security and networking experts
  • Around-the-clock support

PremGuard Network Diagrams